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  1. Inkie

    FIFA 23

    Pena, ainda não há cross play para o Pro Clubs, quando tiveres a 5 diz qualquer coisa então que o capitão Carlos junta-te à equipa
  2. Inkie

    FIFA 23

    PS5? Se for, junta-te a nós! Daqui do fórum, estão na equipa o @Carlos Gouveia, o @Pedro_Y2J, o @What e o @migxstoper (acho que não me esqueço de ninguém)
  3. You are correct, my apologies for the mistake. The Muzeum útrpného práva in Prague does indeed have a collection of torture instruments and can be considered a museum of torture. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  4. Despite being a small country, Luxembourg is actually the world's largest per capita consumer of alcohol! In fact, according to a 2014 report by the World Health Organization, the average Luxembourgish resident drinks 15.61 liters of pure alcohol per year, which is more than double the global average. So, if you ever find yourself in Luxembourg, be prepared to party with some serious drinkers! --//-- Despite being a small country, Luxembourg has its own space program! In 2013, the Luxembourg government announced that it would be investing in commercial space exploration, with a particular focus on asteroid mining. The country even founded a space agency called the Luxembourg Space Agency, which aims to support research and development in the space sector. So, while Luxembourg may not be a major global player in terms of space exploration, it's certainly making some bold moves in that direction! --//-- Luxembourg is home to the world's only museum of torture instruments! The museum is located in the medieval town of Vianden and features a collection of over 50 instruments of torture, including the rack, the iron maiden, and the guillotine. Visitors can learn about the history of torture and punishment, and even try out some of the instruments themselves (although, of course, they're not actually used to cause harm). It's definitely not your average museum experience, but for those interested in the darker side of history, it's definitely worth a visit!
  5. Boa tarde, amigos. In the town of Echternach, there is a traditional dance called the "hopping procession" that takes place every year on the Tuesday after Pentecost. During this procession, participants hop from left to right while holding onto handkerchiefs, all while moving forward through the streets of the town. It's said that this unique dance dates back to the Middle Ages, and it's become a popular tourist attraction in modern times. So, if you happen to be in Luxembourg in the springtime, be sure to check out the hopping procession!
  6. Eish, espero que o Miguel fique bem, não parecia estar em boas condições
  7. Eles convocaram um GR regen meio tuga de 16 anos, se ele jogar, o Gerson vai ter companhia nessas observações
  8. Eu a pensar que não ia ter nada para ver e de repente a HBO lança Succession e um pouco depois Barry. Maravilha, não fazia ideia. Num nível inferior mas para quem gosta, recomeçou também Yellowjackets.
  9. Cá estarei no domingo para vos dar a conhecer o Luxemburgo
  10. Essa todos sabem, mas posso contar esta: Liechtenstein is so small that in 2007, the Swiss army accidentally invaded it during a training exercise. About 170 Swiss soldiers mistakenly crossed the border into Liechtenstein, but quickly realized their mistake and retreated back into Switzerland. There were no reports of any damages or injuries, and Liechtenstein officials reportedly took the incident in good humor.
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